Watch “Ministración De La Cena Del Señor 04-02-12 4 º servicio” on YouTube

} Ya sabeiz que Año (year) Eiz¿¿
Nos estamos en conjunto…
Si se estan preparando ya lo pagaron con 3 $0¡¡
My Almighty God Rejoices with whom He has had mercy and has taken for those that were conserved preserved set apart…’I AM taking them all with ME ET AL…’ I asked through the spirit of adoption awaiting …Angeles todos extirpes llevados a las dimenciones traspazaizte cuando ois creyiste y obedesiste sin duda ninguna…because I have always trusted you at every milliseconds distegrating into mid air en los ambientes celeste…because I know where you traveled and to what level para completar ka iglesia virtual-No es not ever in all anastasis are you staying for the great tribulation them those @ have been assigned delegated ‘si es un lazo’…Done!!


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