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To declare to state the contradictions can only be handled by ‘karinsita’/karin spencer IN/ON sync with all for the funds funding funded to materialize and yes/no because the prophets can indeed be women see the prophetess referenced IN/ON the Bible because we are flexible;adaptable;moldable And IN balance of Cc IN/ON tango because it is no longer about who did?? so on and so forth but it is about karin spencer marrying ‘al que realmente ‘ES’ suyo’ so we are materializing and we all need to come together and our part at all levels.  Mysteries and so therefore I make claim to them all because they are going to be complicated and they can only be handled in/on this formula kma:KMA because like my spiritual Parents Apostol Sergio/Leti Enriquez declared what do you want for your children to have way more than you did AS the first born primojenita it is now ‘se cumplio’ because I fulfilled it all;’she gets to do it all’ since 14;I WAS and like this the rest IS AS declared and stated…..


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