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Because on right side up/enderazado its right now And it is very simple IN/ON right side up tomboy/tomgirl I:Karin Spencer fulfilled my part I visited Rusnak Porsche I came IN/ON at all times I have been everything and anything you have asked and it is Eric Satchwill’s turn to propose to ask to get it right side up because we are already one in everything for all and to get married I must move ON with the dining;dating the boyfriend period because this is the season to do what is Right;Good even if Eric is a baby I became/become one too!!!!  Because I declared and it is all excellent and favorable things for Rusnak indeed to make me wait is super wrong And thus the.boomerang is in effect what you have done to karin spencer good/bad/indifferent comes back to you sevenfold because I will get married to prove All Christianhood and this is the season for the physical the face to face because ‘karinsita’ is for the little ones AS well because in progression and in progressive mode I AM to fund funding funded and you pursue karin spencer with the right understanding because IN/ON A test drive and getting it to the ‘T’ the car it is not sold!!!!


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