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Because declared and stated it is in right side up;enderezado y ya proclamado en si y amen:  I am completely sealed off to all in everything that are Not In Christ Not at my level 555% to alter:modify;tap into;unassugned;undeclared:undecided;for evil:for harm;for destruction.  Because there is only ONE #1 Karin Spencer at my level for eternity Assigned IN\ON Heavenly Father/God/Holy Spirit/IN Christ/Tomboy/Tomgirl in Anastis mode and so it is now thus fulfilled Today AS A whole when I invite walk around freely AS S I should there is absolutely NO more access to ‘karinsita’ from anyone in any form that is not My husband/ES My children Mitchell;Matthew;spiritual children;;A part of HF/GOD/HS/IN Christ/ME/KS/ES\’me’ and all my entourage of Christianhood;A spiritual;physical;virtual;reality;actuality Family tgat brings joy;peace and is for my good my benefit my spiritual growth my discovery my fulfillment family of Karinsita/Karin Spencer;A part of my good in right side up;in understanding;in progression;in discovery;in predestination;and predestined awesome excellence; and addendums….

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