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Because PR is subjective and we all believe in a spiritual realm and claim a God of some sort….I post I state I declare because we all are God’s creations to prove there is a living God powerful and Almighty and why HE allows us to pass through this earth is to save to touch to make a difference from the bottom up….All suffer all are predestined in their declared form before coming to earth AS Apostol Sergio Enriquez said we are living beings and in progression I did not get/understand Apostol Luis Sr Ponce or Kuty Ponce.  The only thing I know is that they asked ‘me’ to leave the church during divorce proceedings to allow Pasadena;Aveda;Rusnak to rescue and how they did it is proprietary to all involved to prove the supernatural;spiritual through ‘karinsita’ spiritual daughter of Dr. Othoniel Rios Paredes handed down to Apostol Sergio and Leti Enriquez given to “me’ as director/founder of USA and Canada….


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