Karin Spencer/Karinsita Ministerios Ebenezer Guatemala

OMG!!!!! SO many things to address y cuando ES/KS\me de aparecer juntos porque SE que Algo no ME/God dicen Que ES??  Porque yo ois dije y padres Espirituales Apostol Sergio Enriquez que El Apistol Dr. MS Othoniel Rios Paredes SE me aperecio y se iba EN un Avion Antes de ser arrebato por EL Señor y EN UN sueño y ois conte A blanquita SU esposa y era predestinado ordenado y planeado porque Apostol Sergio y Leti Enriquez ivan hacer lanzados a empezar Ministerios Ebenezer because it IS prophetic And somethings Are A mystery but NO more because ME is indeed An honorable noteworthy Christian Organization that has upheld the responsability accountability to Karin Spencer/Philip Spencer/Mitchell/Matthew because we;Elim;ME;Calvary Chapel and all Christianhood have always prayed (but acted IDK:idk) And counseled them accordingly And Karinsita sanctified the house like she has honored Pasadena/Rusnak/Aveda/Eric Satchwill/Hasblady Guzman/Ponces in Alrevez porque asi no ES ‘no te creo’ aka Kuty!!! Respectively;accordingly;IN harmony compliments of SSA so @#%&*?! @#%& you!!!!!


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