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To prove predestination.all in all the characters in the Bible;karinsita;karin spencer proves the Bible is NOT fictional because we are ‘enderezados’ just like all the ministries and leaders highlighted with their ministries it is up to all of them AS A collaborate unit of #1 All that have been highlighted And ON FB Are indeed responsible for karin spencer mitchell;matthew spencer lives including the full entourage of all involved in her life at any point everywhere to assist IN the construction rebuild And get karin spencer to complete fulfillment of her roles of fund funding funded as the spiritual daughter in this dimension the only of her kind left because like karin spencer there is no other just like there was only one Einstein one Picasso one Pavaratti one Bill Gates One Michael Jackson but Karin Spencer’s functions is the #1 fulfillment this earth needs And GOD\ME & ES\KS\me are orchestestrating it so how do you spell that say it again yes yes in multicultural multigenerational multidimension multispiritual multisocietal for good for prosperity to discern discern the created beings that belong to the Heavenly Father because this is their world so @#%& you the ones that came to this world undecided and with a plot of evil because greater is HE:The Risen Christ;The Almighty God IN Karin Spencer to over come And so she belobgs to those IN authority to ve used for good to be kept safe secure joyful IN peace And all those that are involved are responsible for a prosperous fulffiment of her life AS she deserves NO more poverty;NO more starving karinsita NO more witholding funds funding funded!!!!!

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