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Because the order of the day in how karin spencer’s life is to be is designed by Her Heavenly Father who predestined Karin Spencer a special creation unique for this time;for good;for blessing;for joy;for peace;for funding; for all functions already stated. Karin Spencer is like no other woman because it was predestined areanged designed and restored with all who assisted since birth with various gifts And talents to be a blessing to all And A Woman who is indeed predestined to be married because it is a pre arranged marriage And predestined just like the old days but for good And nor forced but because I am indeed IN love with Eric Satchwill And yes it was spiritual And for those IN Christ its understood. Giving honor to GOD\ME Eric Satchwill/Karin Spencer/me;Aveda/Hasblasy Guzman/Rusnak!!⪫=35.1630143&lon=-118.6346701&L=&pos=100

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